August 24, 2009

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Hooray! That took a lot longer to get through than I thought it would... but there you go!

Also, I want to announce I'm going to be promoting a bit of a donation drive. Most of my art supplies are beginning to decay and the unpleasant odour they produce is starting to compromise my ability to produce comics. And as a bit of incentive, I've got some donation rewards!

For a donation of $10 dollars, you will receive a set of Faulty Logic and Dissonance mood Stickers.

For a donation of $25 dollars, you will receive a 12"x18" Faulty Logic Poster based on an old favourite. in addition to the stickers! (However, Due to postage fees I can only send posters to the US and Canada) Of course, every amount will be greatly appreciated. Here's a short table of what various donations amounts will get for me:
$20 - New Set of Pencils or pens.
$150 - New Scanner
$200 - New Moniter
$350 - Drawing Tablet
$1000 - Cintiq Tablet Moniter (Hey, I can dream)

Any donation will be greatly appreciated, and I'd be very excited to get anything off that list. So please consider tossing a couple of dollars in the tip jar!


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