Draconia Chronicles
A page comic detailing the epic conflict between dragons and tigers in a mythical universe, drawn by a good friend of mine. Updates every monday! Be sure to check it out!
A strip comic about a mischevious alien cepholapod, a canine artificial intelligence, and a world of the future where robots are coming of age. A unique combonation of humour and philosophy that was my inspiration for creating Dissonance. Updates MWF!
Little Tales
A page comic about observation in every day society, updates MF with "Little Tales" and W with a retelling of "The Man Who Was Thursday". Very worth your time.
The Zombie Hunters
Zombies! Augh! Follow the adventures of a group of survivors in post-apolcalyptia! (May or may not contain adult material!)
The Whiteboard
A Thrice-weekly gag comic about the goings on of a paintball store. Started as doodles on a store's whiteboard and became a full fledged webcomic!

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