February 4, 2011

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*Mustaloidae is the superfamily that contains the families of Mustalidae (weasels) Procyonids and mephitidae (skunks).

*Caniformia is a suborder of the Carnivora order. More commonly known (and literally translated) as the "Dog-like" sub-order. It contains dogs, bears, raccoons and even sea-lions.

Well, as long as I'm making a newspost, what else can I say? Umm...

Happy New Year! I'm really enjoying being back. It's a good feeling of accomplishment to be drawing again. I feel like my style is starting to settle into a nice area. This comic has demanded skills from me that I don't normally get to practice (most notably, drawing humans and environments) but I feel like I've made real progress since I've started. My linework seems to be showing improvement too. Hopefully I'll continue to improve as I keep it up.

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