September 21, 2009

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Those of you with acute observation skills have probably noticed that today's update is slightly larger than normal. This is because I'm trying out a new update schedule. Instead of one strip (or a quarter-page) three times a week, I'm going to be doing a double strip (or a half-page) twice a week, with a new update Schedule of Monday and Friday.

This is just going to be a trial for now, and I'll continue it as long as it feels right to do so, but it should be benficial to all. It means slightly more comic content per week for you readers and a little bit more freedom to play with panels and dialogue for me without having to worry about so many cliffhangers. Dissonance is, after all, a story. And the fewer breaks you take from a story the easier it is to follow.

Also, I still have lots of posters and stickers left over. I'll still be giving out stickers for donations of 10 dollars and stickers and a poster for donations of 20 or larger, and that will continue as long as my supplies last.

Tune in this Friday for the second half of this page, it should be a doozy!

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